How you can donate to help women and girls in our region thrive.

Published on 24 May 2023

A little about us - an overview

The Waikato Women’s Fund | Te Ira Waahine o Waikato is a giving circle within the Momentum Waikato stable of funds. A giving circle has two unique aspects that are points of difference to traditional philanthropy.  


First, a circle like ours harnesses the collective generosity of a group of individuals to create a powerful Fund that can make change happen for a cause. Second, the members of the giving circle are active in the process to distribute grants, in other words they have a say in where the money goes. 


Any donation amount qualifies the donor to become a member of the WWF and we encourage active participation from our members. 

A Fund for the long-term 

The WWF exists to create an endowment or Future Fund, held in perpetuity for the purpose and vision of the WWF, providing for sustainable giving into the future. Unless specified by donors, all monies received as donations are treated as part of the Future Fund. These funds are invested by Momentum Waikato on the WWF's behalf.

The purpose of the Fund is: We exist so that women and girls, and their communities, are achieving their aspirations. The mission of the Fund is to grow a fund, make grants, and celebrate women and girls. 

When returns are generated by the investment of the Fund, this enables us to make a small grant(s) to worthy organisations and initiatives that enable girls and women in the Waikato to realise their aspirations, creating a ripple effect of change.

If you would like to learn about some organisations who have received grants in the past, you can read about them on our blog, for example our 2020 grant recipients Poutama Rites of Passage Trust in Raglan and the Rural Youth and Adult Literary Trust (RYALT) in Port Waikato.

Donating to the WWF 

There are a few main ways people can donate: 

  1. One-off donations via our website or at WWF events 

  1. Monthly donations 

  1. Payroll giving via your employer 

  1. Bequests 

Here is more information on each of the four categories: 

  1. One-off donations via our website or at events 

You can give one-off donations via our website. We also run several events that help to raise funds. In 2022, this included Waahine Toa, which raised $24,105 with 160+ guests in attendance. In 2023, we will be hosting a fifth birthday event. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with upcoming events.  


  1. Monthly donations 

Regular donations small and large are all welcome and celebrated. Members give at the level that works for them, and all donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. Your online donation will generate a receipt that can be submitted to the IRD at the end of the tax year, and you will receive one third back from the IRD. You can choose to set up a regular monthly donation via credit or debit card, internet banking, or automatic payment. More information is available here.  


  1. Payroll giving 

Payroll giving is a simple way to receive an immediate credit applied to your PAYE payable, with no need for paperwork. Easy! Speak to your employer about donating via payroll giving to Momentum Foundation and drop us an email to let us know you want the donation to go to the Waikato Women's Fund.  


  1. Bequests 

Bequests are gifts that are made as part of a will or trust. This is administered via Momentum Waikato who offers independent philanthropic advice to donors, regardless of the size of the bequest gift, with no strings attached. They also encourage you to speak with your lawyer, accountant or financial advisor. Find out more here and please send us an email if you’d like to explore this further. 


We thank everyone who contributes to the work of the WWF, and truly believe that we can make a change in the lives of women and girls in the Waikato if we work together.