We can make a change if we work together.

Women give differently.

We give more over our lifetime.

We are more likely to give collaboratively.

We can make an impact that is proudly female.

To encourage leadership, lift our voices and confront barriers.

We can make an impact that cares and nurtures.

To keep ourselves well and strong and support others in our care.

We can make an impact that promotes independence.

To help each other excel through financial independence, education, careers and transition points in life.

We can make an impact that builds resilience.

To support women who are dealing with adversity, helping them build healthy relationships and cope with the impacts of hardship.

Michelle Howie

"I care deeply about women and girls and the specific issues they face. I want to be part of making change so the next generation will experience a fairer and more empowered future. I believe the Waikato Women's Fund has potential to engage a large number of women in a community for positive change. I'm in - are you?"

- Michelle Howie
Waikato Women's Fund member

We are women focused on the future.

In addition to our annual grant making, we will build an endowment for women to make a lasting impact.

How it works.


Your donation to the Waikato Women's Fund will be invested to become part of a future fund to benefit women and girls forever, with income generated from the investment funds granted back into the region each year.


Everyone who donates to the Waikato Women's Fund becomes a Member of the fund, no matter how much you donate. You will be invited to events and meetings, have a say in electing the fund's Steering Group, and will be given opportunities to help shape how the money is granted.


Applications for grants will be heard from organisations aiming to make a difference in the areas that are important to the fund.


The fund's Steering Group will decide on how the fund will be granted and to which organisations, guided by the wishes of the Members.

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