Committee member profile: Raewyn Kirkman

Published on 09 Jun 2020

Raewyn Kirkman

Chief Executive, DV Bryant Trust


Why are you a member of the WWF?

I joined the Waikato Women’s Fund and the Cultural Inclusion Fund (also powered by Momentum Waikato Community Foundation) in March 2019, following the Christchurch mosque attack.  The reason for supporting the Cultural Inclusion Fund at that time is fairly obvious, and the reason for joining the WWF at the same time was because in almost every crisis, women are disproportionality affected as the existing inequities are amplified.  In my work in philanthropy I stay close to community issues, I see the challenges that women and girls face and I admire the way that they draw on their resources and networks to address those challenges. But sometimes they need more support.  It isn’t just about the funding we can give, it’s about our ‘shout out’ and belief that things can change.


What are you most looking forward to about being on the committee?

I am looking forward to being on the committee to work with awesome women, for awesome women. During the Covid-19 crisis we have seen how fragile our home and personal lives are, and how much we can learn from those women and girls who are already well experienced in making a little go a long way, doing the best they can in tough circumstances. Some of the most amazing stories have come from women putting aside their own challenging circumstances to help their communities - setting up food distribution and support networks for example.


What has been a special moment you've experienced through the work of the WWF?

A special moment I have experienced through the work of the WWF, is seeing my nomination of House of Grace for a grant being so well supported by our members.


  • Local Waikato cafe you'll be found in? Any of the cafes who tenant the Trust’s buildings in Alexandra Street, and I will most likely be drinking a chai latte – spicy.

  • Who is an inspirational woman you look up too: My nana – a smart, articulate, community minded woman, who always said that a day that you don’t learn something is a wasted day (and lots of other useful little sayings as well!)

  • Recommended book/movie/Ted Talk about women: Becoming, by Michelle Obama

  • Favourite place to visit in the Waikato: Raglan – A walk on the beach and fish n chips on the wharf.

  • Hidden talent? Not so hidden – but I am a bit of a grammar nerd - and if you are going back over my responses for grammatical errors, welcome to the club.