Committee Member Profile: Theresa Aucamp

Published on 27 Jan 2021

Theresa Aucamp

Human Resources,Organisational Development and Change Agent

Why are you a member of the WWF?

It is only been little more than a century ago that women won the right to vote nationally and internationally. I want to remember the result of a tireless battle by countless brave campaigners. I believe women are an important part of our population and are driving the change in the present to make the world a better place.  I have witnessed in so many women (including my own mother, grandmothers) who are and have made their mark in areas of education, business, technology, medicine, space, wildlife etc. and we salute their endeavours.

“The women of today are the thoughts of their mothers and grandmothers, embodied and made alive. They are active, capable, determined and bound to win. They have one-thousand generations back of them... Millions of women dead and gone are speaking through us today” ― Matilda Joslyn Gage

What are you most looking forward to about being on the committee?

Meeting other amazing female members in our community who are already achieving great things.  Raising awareness of this wonderful fund and being in a space where we can support, empowerment and inspire each other to do even better things and go where no one has been before. 

What has been a special moment you've experienced through the work of the WWF?

Meeting so many women from diverse backgrounds and professions who inspires and supports each other.  Experiencing that instant connection and creating opportunities to change mindsets, learn to be kind to ourselves, reflect on our successes and learn from another successful woman. 

  • Local Waikato cafe you'll be found in? Some of my favourites are Cinnamon Café, St Andrews – good food, or for a real treat out in the country go to Woodlands Estate, just beautiful because I love nature, water, flowers and bees!! 

  • Who is an inspirational woman you look up to? My dearest mother, who are one of the most special people in my life.  She was stripped from Heredity, but despite having a difficult start to life, she filled our lives with laughter and love, she is such a priceless treasure.  I don’t know of anyone who she hasn’t helped, laughed or cried with!! 

    Jane Goodall a primatologist and anthropologist who went on to find the Jane Goodall Institute as well as the Roots and Shoots program and her efforts to encourage wildlife conservation efforts. She has worked extensively on conservation and animal welfare issues and a member of the World Future Council.  

  • Recommended book/movie/Ted Talk about women: A documentary called Being Serena that is about Serena Williams, how she took on pregnancy and motherhood, all while retaining her champion status and dominating on the tennis court.  As a woman this her story, tenacity and determination inspired me greatly, I could so relate with her story and how life can sometimes just become so hard to maintain your momentum  – loved her determination and resilience so well illustrated and her being so incredibly vulnerable.   

  • Favourite place to visit in the Waikato: Raglan and the rustic look and feel about the it. Hamilton Gardens - Rose Gardens in spring. 

  • Hidden talent? Genealogy - I love to help people to construct life stories to understand life events and impose meaning on life, thus connecting them to the event and assisting them to construct their own truth and identify.