Michelle's donor story

Published on 06 Nov 2018

I became involved in the Waikato Women’s Fund in February 2018 when I was invited to join the initial discussions by a woman I knew at the table. Getting to know the other members of the establishment group and connect more widely with amazing women across the Waikato has been a privilege and a welcome bonus, but it’s only a part of why I love this work.

It’s the Waikato Women’s Fund’s unique proposition that hooked me in. I’m passionate about helping to launch the Fund and raise awareness of what we are doing, but I’m also committed to simply donating to it because it’s targeting is what makes it so transformational.

I’ve structured my giving to the Fund as a fixed sum via a monthly automatic payment. I chose an amount I know I can honour long term as I see no end date to this giving, but I also hope there will be opportunities in the future to regularly give more and/or make a one-off donation as my circumstances allow.

At a personal level, I care deeply about women and girls and the specific issues we face. I want to be part of any change that means the next generation will experience a fairer and more empowered future.

For me, my moment of enlightenment as a woman was pregnancy and childbirth. The transition into motherhood is a uniquely feminine experience that is a blessing and a joy, yet it can also be fraught with inequity and other issues, some of which can affect us for a very long time. I’ve been working with women for years now, both in the community and through my local business Magnetic Hub. It’s natural for me to support initiatives like this Fund, as I am immersed in women’s stories and experiences every week – and I love it!

I want the Fund to invest in local, creative solutions to our region’s issues. I’m also really curious about the unique and specific challenges the Waikato is facing and getting clear on the needs of our women and girls through serious research and real consultation.

The collective model excites me, as the idea of harnessing the force of many women to grow a significant funding pool and then make the decisions on how it will bring about change is inspirational. I hope this Fund will ease the financial issues our community groups face and enable targeted support to reach groups committed to a better Waikato for women and girls.

We know it’s important for the Waikato Women’s Fund to build and maintain clear and open communication lines with those already working towards improving outcomes for women and girls. Equally it is critical that we form a powerful community of donors and supporters with the resources needed to act quickly and bring about change.

In 20 years’ time I hope my nieces are making choices about their futures without limitation. I hope my sister and I enjoy even more autonomy and agency in our lives. I hope my sons are growing into good men with a solid understanding of what equity looks and feels like and how to protect it for others.

I believe the Waikato Women’s Fund is a special project, one that has potential to bring together a large number of generous, conscientious and hard-working women in a community for positive change. I’m in – are you?